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With the rising misinformation that our non-Muslim neighbors are hearing from the media, it has become imperative that we reach out and communicate with the other 99% inhabitants of this beautiful state.  Our vision is to bridge the gap by opening our doors wide open for the public to come and learn about us through the Islamic Center being built.


In addition to providing Muslims around the state a sheltered area to pray, we also host a number of events throughout the year meant for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. As our new center's construction comes to an end, a plethora of fresh activities ranging from sports to debates will become available for all!  


Our identity is not one, all the while, we are united by the belief in one God. Members of the ISNH come from many parts of the world- from Egypt to Bosnia, Morocco to Bangladesh, Canada to Palestine and everything in between!  All new members find a suitable set of friends with similar spoken languages within their first visit! Of course English is our common language that unites us all. 

New Masjid Summer 2017

The Islamic Society of New Hampshire (ISNH) is a community funded, all volunteer organization, dedicated to providing a wide range of services to the Muslim community of Southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas. After almost 10 years of informal arrangements for Friday and other prayer services and bouncing from place to place, the ISNH was formed in 1998 with one main objective; to build the first ever Mosque in New Hampshire. This would help serve the needs of the rapidly growing Muslim population around Southern New Hampshire. Compared to most major U.S. city based Muslim communities, we are relatively small in size yet due to our open and inclusive nature, we are extremely diverse; a principal that is at the core of who we are as a community. During Jumma, Ramadan, and other special occasions we host a large gathering of community members from over 25 countries around the world. We also offer Islamic education to our children and young adults. However, providing these services in commercially rented venues come with many challenges and limitations.

So, please join us in building the first Mosque in the state of New Hampshire that will be here to serve many generations of this peaceful and diverse Muslim community. This will also allow us to be more involved and make larger contributions to the greater Southern New Hampshire community we are a part of.

Our community comes together on a regular basis to enhance their way of life with the peaceful teachings of Islam and our Prophet (peace be upon him). We sincerely hope that every single member of our community will make the most of this unique opportunity to be exposed to several distinct cultures from around the world on a daily basis. We hope this rich occasion under the guidance of our Mosque services and religious leadership will shape us to be peaceful, tolerant, faithful, and contributing members of not only this Muslim community but the broader Southern New Hampshire community.

Chairman of the Board


Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Dr. Shuja Saleem

Mohammed Ewiess

Amjad Rana

Sheraz Rashid

Saeed Ahmad

Irhad Kapidzija

Dr. Mahboubul Hassan

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